High Pressure Equipment Products

Accumulators Accumulators
Lorimer offers a range of high performance Piston Accumulators that are utilized by research institutions, petro-chemical plants, and oil-field service companies. Common applications include: displacement or isolation of corrosive liquids and gases, liquid transfers, pulsation dampening, energy storage. Lorimer Accumulators are available with pressures to 30,000 psi, temperatures to 500°F, and swept volumes up to 10 gallons.
Instrumentation Instrumentation
Includes Pressure Gauges and Thermocouples.
Pressure Controls Pressure Controls
Includes Fittings and Tubings, Regulators, Relief Valves and High Pressure Valves.
Pumps and Boosters Pumps and Boosters
Includes Gas Boosters, Air Amplifiers and Liquid Pumps.
Oilfield Products Oilfield Products
Lorimer custom manufacture capabilities includes extensive Custom Systems.
Pressure Test Equipment Pressure Test Equipment
Pressure Test Equipment includes Hydrostatic Test Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Gas Booster Systems and Air Amplifier Systems.
Recent Projects Recent Projects
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Build a Custom System Build a Custom System
Lorimer Corporation will design and build a complete system per your requirements. Lorimer has produced systems which include pumps, compressors, boosters, etc. If your need is custom, standard or a variation of a standard system, contact our engineers or sales technicians. We are the specialist in high pressure equipment.