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Pressure Test Equipment

Pressure Test Equipment includes Hydrostatic Test Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Gas Booster Systems and Air Amplifier Systems.
Hydrostatic Test Equipment Hydrostatic Test Equipment
Hydrostatic Test Carts, Portable Test Units, Custom Units
Pressure Vessels Pressure Vessels
Lorimer Corporation maunufactures sample bottles, reaction chambers, custom Pressure Vessels, and down-hole simulation chambers. Lorimer also has full capabilities to integrate those Pressure Vessels with pump systems, temperature control systems, data logging, and PLC or PC controls.

Vessel specifications include pressures up to 60,000 PSI, temperatures to 800°F, and volumes from a few cc's to 100 gallons. Readily available materials range from carbon steel (4140 and SA-105, SA-723) to stainless steels (316, 410, 13-8 PH, and 17-4 PH). Lorimer also works extensively with materials for more demanding applications such as Nitronic 50, Titanium, Inconel and Hastelloy.
Gas Booster Systems Gas Booster Systems
Lorimer Gas Booster Systems provide compact, portable sources for increasing gas pressures. The Gas Booster Systems require no electrical power, providing a safe and economical operation.

Typical Applications include:
  • Boost low pressure gases to higher pressures
  • Testing Increase and maintain gas pressures for gas bottles
  • Boosting liquid gas vapor of gas generator pressures to bottle pressures
Air Amplifier Systems Air Amplifier Systems
Lorimer Air Amplifier Systems are air driven, non lube, air pressure amplifiers. These packages are offered in a variety of flows and pressures for boosting existing shop air. These systems automatically boost the existing shop air pressure to a maximum of 600 psi. Tank sizes ranging from 1 – 200 gallons are available with ASME Certifications standard; other certifications are optional. These reliable systems come with a safety relief valve, drain valve and pressure gauge. The Air Amplifier System is completely automatic with no electrical hookups required.