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Hydrostatic Test Equipment

Hydrostatic Test Carts, Portable Test Units, Custom Units
Custom Systems Custom Systems
Lorimer Corporation will design and build a complete system per your requirements. Lorimer has produced systems which include pumps, compressors, boosters, etc. If your need is custom, standard or a variation of a standard system, contact our engineers or sales technicians. We are the specialist in high pressure equipment.
Portable Pressure Test Cart Portable Pressure Test Cart
Lorimer Portable Pressure Test Carts offer mobile pressure generation wherever shop air is available. Capable of pressurizing liquids to 80,000 psi, Lorimer systems are air-driven, non-lube. Oil and water systems are available. Lorimer Portable Pressure Test Cart optional features include chart recorders and digital data logging.
Portable Test Unit Portable Test Unit
The Lorimer Portable Hydrostatic Test Unit is designed to be used in the shop or wherever pressure testing is required. The Unit is air driven with pressures to 60,000 psi, available in single and two pump models, and all stainless steel wetted parts.